I missed pre-registration. Can I still camp and/or participate in races?

Absolutely! There is plenty of space to camp. Just check-in at the gate. You can register for the races on Saturday. There is no race-day registration on the Eagle.

Are there paddling opportunities for beginners or novices?

Absolutely! The Salmon River in Pulaski New York is an easier (class II-III) stretch of whitewater. The Salmon does, however, require some previous whitewater experience. There are sections of the Moose River that offer class I and II paddling. Flatwater paddlers will find a lot of great paddling along the Beaver River Canoe Trail. If you are fairly new to whitewater or want to learn more about it, there are a number of events you can consider attending including the rescue mini-clinic, SUP yoga classes, SUP demo, and spectating at one of the Whitewater King of New York races. If you camp at the festival grounds, you will also be able to socialize with members of the paddling community and check out gear displays from industry vendors. For more information about area paddling opportunities and gear rentals, contact Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company.

Is there a local outfitter?

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company in Old Forge, NY can answer your questions, set you up with gear, and has all the stuff you forgot.

Can I bring my dog?

Due to previous incidents, we discourage bringing dogs. If you absolutely must bring your (well behaved) dog, you must absolutely keep them controlled, attended, and leashed at all times. You also must pick up after them. Entry fee must be paid for your dog. Owners of misbehaved, unattended, or unleashed dogs will be expelled from the festival grounds.

Can I bring my cat?


Are camp fires permitted?

Individual camp fires are not allowed. You may cook if you have a camp stove or grill. Our host at the campground plans to have a fire for campers to enjoy.

Is admission/camping priced per person or per car/tent/etc?

Admission & camping pricing is per person. We do encourage carpooling but it won’t save you money at the gate.

If I register for both Whitewater King of New York races, do I need to complete 1 ACA waiver or 2?

You must complete a waiver for each race you enter (2 waivers). Links to the waivers are sent to you when you complete online registration.

Do you accept Canadian currency?

No, please plan ahead.

Do you accept credit cards?

Don’t count on it.